Monday, 23 April 2012

All nighter

Lust alert #002

Im a bit of a beauty flirt.. I never really stick to one product and love to try anything and everything. I am a true sucker for limited editions and new crazes but there is one product that lives in my make up bag and that I will be forever loyal to and that is All Nighter by Urban Decay.

All Nighter in short is a hairspray for your face! Simple.

Once your make up is complete, pin your hair back and give your face 5 or 6 sprays of All Nighter, leave it a couple of minutes to dry and you are good to go! I use All Nighter day and night and find it especially good in hayfever months (major watery eyes!) and it really does what it says on the tin!

AND as we'll as all that. It also gives your skin a gorgeous glow! What more could you want!?

A definite purchase!

Ps. A quick tip for using All Nighter - wait for mascara or liquid eyeliner to dry before spritzing, All Nighter is a watery liquid until it dries so you'll have a mascara nightmare if you try and use it before your make up is dry. Trust me. I've been there!

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