Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beauty on a budget?

I grew up watching my mum spend an absolute fortune on all different lotions and potions to keep her skin youthful and I never thought that one day it would be ME forking out on moisturisers and serums that promised to make me look 10 years younger but then I turned 26 and I realised that prevention is probably a little easier than cure so got myself a night cream, day cream and an eye cream and where did I go for all these wonders that would rewind the years? Boots.

After all the hype I'd read over the years on NO7's Protect and Perfect range at Boots, I thought I'd give it a go for myself. (The fact they were 3 for 2 also helped make this decision!)

So far I have only good things to say.. I first used the night cream and instantly, I felt my skin was literally swallowing the cream up with enjoyment, I woke up the next morning and my skin still felt baby soft but not at all oily. Then I used the eye cream and day cream and again, my skin appeared more luminous and healthy. I was quite weary if the day cream as my skin does tend to get quite oily but it didn't seem to increase the oil at all!

After 2 weeks of using the creams, I don't feel the effects so instantly any more but I am still very happy with the results. A definite must for all skin types! 

All products featured available in all Boots stores or online at

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