Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dip Dyed Hair

Since falling in love with Caroline Flacks dip dyed hair on the Xtra Factor - I knew I had to give it a go! I resisted for a while because as a natural blonde who isn't quite brave enough yet to go for a pink or blue dip my only real option would be to go for a dark blonde or light brown but I always worried it wouldn't look right.

But today something come over me and I had to do it!

I used Garnier Nurrisse in Dark Blonde and application was simple. I just pinned up the top layers of my hair then put the remaining hair that I wanted dyed into pigtails.

Then all I did was rub the dye in quite messily on the ends of my hair - I didn't want it to look too straight so I was only really careful not to get spots or patches on the bits I wanted to keep blonde.

The dye said it needed 30 minutes to develop but I noticed after about 10 minutes it was getting very dark so I quickly washed it out, smeared the conditioner that comes with the dye into the coloured bits of hair then washed out.

I am SO pleased with the results and I can't wait to experiment with other colours now! I will Definitely be brave enough to go for baby pink next time!

I have included some pictures below of some more awesome dip dyed hair.

What do you think of this new trend? Have you already tried it or will be be trying it?

Lots of love

Stacie x


  1. it looks so good, really suits you! can't wait to see it pink if you pick up the courage!
    you've been followed, take a look at mine!

    1. Thanks so much chick, can't wait to try pink either!

      Thank you for the follow, just about to go and follow you back.

      Can't wait to read your posts

      Stacie x

  2. Looks great ;)
    I had blonde ombre hair at the beginning of the year but got bored (and couldn't wear my extensions) and went back to my usual brunette! Have been thinking about having darker tips recently but not sure if it will actually show up on my already dark hair, lol.
    Worth a try maybe X

    1. Thanks Chick, I think you should defo give it a go or maybe play around with some bright, summery colours!?

      Thank you so much for the post x

  3. this looks really cool, I haven't seen darker tips before. lovely! LV x

  4. I'm follow now from Tokyo.
    Please follow back me. OK??

  5. You look gorgeous! I've bought pastel pink dye to do mine, need one more set of highlights then I'm set to go I think!X

  6. wow that looks great on you! I've been thinking about doing this myself but I'm a bit scared! I found some I&K dip dye hair extensions so I think I’ll start by trying those – what do you think? I cant decide between turquoise or burgandy though! They’re available at Hairtrade


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