Sunday, 13 May 2012

Miss Sporty Nail Varnish in 14 - Review

So the first product to review from my High Street make up haul was the Miss Sporty nail varnish in 14.

I realised as soon as I opened the bottle that the polish was very thick so I watered it down slightly with some nail polish remover (not something you'd expect to do the first time you use a polish!) but even then when I applied the polish it still felt really thick and almost a bit dry so it looked really streaky and messy on. I went for a second coat because I know pastel colours tend to need a few coats but I still wasn't overly impressed as it still looked really streaky and to be honest quite cheap! It is a gorgeous colour and I suppose for £1.99 what can you expect but I did expect a little bit more from quite a well known high street brand.

What do you think of Miss Sporty? Have you ever tried their nail polishes?

Love Stacie x


  1. I LOVE this polish color. Such a refreshing blog, so glad I came across it. I’ll definitely be back!

    XO Kelley

  2. You have such a cute blog. I tend not to use Miss Sporty nail varnishes for the same reasons you have mentioned. I do like the Miss Sporty Mascara though.

  3. I haven't bought miss sporty in soooo long but I remember it being streaky too! xxx lovely blog! xxx

  4. what a shame it came out so streaky because the colour is gorgeous! great blog, new follower :) xx

  5. Thanks for the post, I'll avoid this since it's too streaky!!


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